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Attorney Endorsements

“Brad is a shark when it comes to standing up against the big insurance companies. He truly cares about his clients and fights aggressively for every penny they deserve. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need in of a personal injury attorney and have used him personally for myself and my family.”– Roxanne Blake, Personal injury Attorney

“Bradley Mullins is a rising star in this profession. He is an excellent lawyer that genuinely cares about his clients. He is smart, hardworking and a really nice guy. If Bradley takes your case, you can rest assured that it is in great hands!”– Bruce Mulkey, Personal injury Attorney

“Roxanne is extremely knowledgeable about car accidents and car accident litigation. She fights for every penny her clients deserve, and she never lets insurance companies or their attorneys push her around.”– Christopher Birch, Car accident Attorney

“When I have a client with a criminal defense issue, Roxanne gets my referral.”– Gary DeWitt, Criminal defense Attorney

“I have recently had the opportunity to work on a case with Roxanne and I am impressed with her strong intellect and commitment to fight for her clients. She is an excellent trial lawyer. She’s also a super nice person!”– Bruce Mulkey, Car accident Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”– Douglas Brimhall

“I endorse this lawyer. Roxanne is an attorney that takes fighting for her client’s seriously. She spends many long hours preparing her cases. She is articulate and as bright as any attorney I’ve met. But what has impressed me the most is how much she cares for her clients.”– John Collins, DUI and DWI Attorney