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What Are The Common Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents In Arkansas?

Key Takeaways:What Are The Common Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents In Arkansas

  • One of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Arkansas is pedestrians crossing streets or highways in areas where there is no crosswalk. If there is no crosswalk, people have no choice but to cross without one. However, if there is a crosswalk but the pedestrian chooses not to use it, it becomes a huge liability issue and causes complications with insurance claims.
  • There is also an uptick in pedestrian accidents when there is lower visibility than normal, as there is around dusk and dawn.
  • Pedestrian accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, both serious and less serious. You likely have a claim if you were injured by a car as a pedestrian, even if your injuries were relatively minor.
  • If you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian and the driver “hit and ran”, an attorney can help you track them down and find them to bring them to justice.

Without a doubt, the most common cause of pedestrian accidents in Arkansas is pedestrians crossing somewhere where there’s not a crosswalk.

Oftentimes, pedestrians have to cross where there is no crosswalk because the intersection simply doesn’t have one at all, and they have to cross the road, and that’s their only way.

But if there is a crosswalk and the pedestrian chooses to cross a little bit down from where that crosswalk is located when they should have gone to the controlled intersection, that becomes a huge liability dispute, and we’ve got to fight with the insurance company in order to get our client paid.

We also see an uptick in pedestrian accidents around sunrise or sunset, when visibility is not 100% as it would be during daylight. Drivers are generally not expecting to see a pedestrian on the road if there is not a crosswalk, or if there is a busy intersection.

Sometimes, it’s just a combination of multiple factors: if it’s around dusk or dark, and there is not a controlled intersection, there is not a crosswalk or a place where you see people walking regularly, and you don’t know to expect a pedestrian. This situation is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

What Are The Common Types Of Injuries Sustained In Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrian accidents can cause a wide range of injuries—anywhere from permanent brain damage to head injuries to actual fatalities.

However, you likely still have a claim even if you don’t have a broken bone or a brain injury.

If a driver hits you, you need to hire a lawyer to investigate if there is a way to get you compensation for the damages you’ve sustained.

Do I Have A Duty To Avoid Vehicles And Traffic In Arkansas?

If you are hit by a car in any way, shape, or form, always consult with an attorney.

I can’t stress that enough to people. Even if you think that you are at fault, go talk to an attorney and hear what your options are.

What If The Driver That Hit Me As A Pedestrian Flees the Scene Or Is Uninsured? Do I Have Any Recourse?

An attorney can investigate the case and even work with the police to try to find a driver that has hit and run.

What’s more, an attorney can try to locate witnesses, work with local businesses, and try to use surveillance cameras to find out who hit you – and bring them to justice.

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