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Auto collisions are some of the most common accidents and occur everyday. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), you have a 10% chance of dying in an auto accident.

While the chances of dying in an auto accident are low compared to something like heart disease, there aren't too many precautions you can take outside of just never driving. Many times, that's not a realistic option.

Mullins & Blake Attorneys understand how difficult it can be to get back on the road after being involved in an auto accident. In addition to the mental preparation it takes to gather the courage to operate a motor vehicle again, you may not be able to physically drive.

This could be due to your car being out of commission or your body needing extra medical care. In any circumstance, for the residents of Fayetteville, AR, our firm has the background and knowledge to support your car accident litigation needs.

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Why Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer After An Accident?

Any time you bring charges against someone, it is a good idea to have a lawyer. Our firm in Fayetteville, AR, has over ten years of experience with car accident cases. Setting up a consultation is the first step in remedying your situation.

It's important to keep in mind that many car accident litigation cases are settled relatively quickly. In more extreme cases, litigation can be drawn out, but those tend to be more special circumstances.

Having an experienced car accident lawyer means having the support you need to help guide you. Many people don't understand the options that are available to them after a car accident. Our firm has many years of experience guiding car accident victims through court trials.

In addition, going through a car accident litigation suit alone can feel like a lost cause. Remember, when dealing with the court system, there are certain forms and procedures that must be followed.

Even the slightest mistakes in documentation could result in you having to resubmit your paperwork all over again, thus extending the time it takes you to get back to a normal life. It is always best to err on the side of caution and hire an experienced attorney.

Will I Automatically Win My Car Accident Lawsuit If I'm Not At Fault?

Residents in Fayetteville, AR, will be relieved to know that Arkansas operates under a "modified comparative fault" law. This means that attorneys or courts consider the evidence of each case to determine to what degree each party is at fault.

Whatever liability is attributed to you is subtracted from your compensation.

So, if you are deemed zero percent liable, you wouldn't have anything deducted from the damages awarded to you. With that in mind, it is important to consider other factors.

There is no such thing as an "automatic" win in a car accident case. Although Mullins & Blake Attorneys fight alongside you to obtain the best settlement, none of these proceedings are automatic. Whatever is being asked for in terms of compensation should be backed up with evidence.

This is why consulting with an experienced car accident attorney is critical to knowing your options. There will be details of the case that you may inadvertently dismiss. However, your attorney will be able to zero in on a point and investigate it, gather more information and present it in a manner that could garner you a more significant result.

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Are you ready to get started with a car accident attorney in Fayetteville, AR? Recovering after a car accident is the first step to getting your life back. Next, get the justice you deserve by consulting with an experienced attorney.

Ensure you have the best chances of success with your car accident case, and hire a dedicated and compassionate attorney. Mullins & Blake Attorneys offer a risk-free initial consultation and a custom strategy approach to ensure the best outcome for you. Call (479) 337-7077 today and get the justice you deserve!

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