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Dedicated Rogers, AR, Car Accident Claim Lawyer

Do you feel you should be compensated for a recent auto accident that wasn’t your fault? Call Mullions & Blake Attorneys.

Imagine you’ve just been involved in a serious auto accident. Your auto insurance only covers a portion of what you thought it would, and your car is a mess. Of course, you feel as though you’ve been wronged, but what can you do? Take them to court?

Well, yes, actually.

Mullins & Blake Attorneys, located in Rogers, AR, have been helping residents get back to their lives for over ten years. While it may seem harsh to bring a car accident compensation case against someone, your insurance company is obliged to you and should come through when needed.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2012 and 2021, traffic fatalities in Arkansas had an overall increase of 24%. While this doesn’t mean you will ever experience such a tragedy, there is a chance that you might one day.

When seeking the proper settlement to remedy your pain and suffering, you should heavily consider hiring the right attorney. Mullins & Blake Attorneys will help fight for what is best for you and your family so you can get back to living your life.

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Will I Win My Case If I Hire A Car Accident Compensation Lawyer?

Many times, the “win” in a car accident compensation case is being awarded some compensatory damages, that is, payment for loss, suffering, or injury of some kind. In the case of battling your insurance company, it could come in the form of reimbursement for money you’ve already paid.

While the amount of damages can vary, keep in mind that the courts generally seek a balance between the harm that was inflicted and the settlement meant to rectify the situation. In any case, Rogers, AR residents can rest assured that Mullins & Blake Attorneys will fight for their best interest.

Your attorney’s job is to ensure that you understand all of the options available and that a settlement is reached with your best interest in mind. We are not a firm that is going to draw out the case so that we can make money. We are not a financial institution; our business isn’t in nickel-and-dime’ing.

Our main goal is always to ensure you understand your case from the vantage point that will get you the greatest possible outcome.

Who Decides The Verdict Of My Case, A Judge Or Jury?

Typically, car accident claims in Rogers, AR, are settled before having to go to trial. Often, insurance companies may try to offer a settlement to close out your case more quickly. However, it is always in your best interest to consult a car accident compensation attorney to maximize your recovery.

Keep in mind that filing a property damage claim is separate from a personal injury claim.

Your property damage claim concerns your vehicle and your insurance covering repairs and contacting the other party for possible payment if they are at fault.

Your personal injury claim has to do with your physical body and any harm or damages that you sustained from the car accident.

Although these cases can be settled at the same time, they are always separate because they are separate processes. Sometimes, you may need to file motions against your insurance company if they are extremely difficult. Our firm has done this before, and it makes the process far less overwhelming when you have experienced litigation fighting on your behalf.

Every case is different, and the circumstances of every case must be considered. Your attorney will be able to guide you as to what will give you the best outcome.

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Mullins & Blake Attorneys: Rogers, AR Premier Car Accident Claim Law Firm

Tired of your insurance company’s back-and-forth after a car accident? Call us for a free consultation!

Are you looking for a car accident claim attorney in Rogers, AR, who will help you settle your claim? Mullins & Blake Attorneys takes a compassionate approach to car accident claims.

We know that the most challenging part is getting started. Sometimes, you may feel like you need help to win the battle against insurance companies or that they know best. The truth is, you know best.

With Mullins & Blake Attorneys, we can do our best to serve you with a tailored approach to your case. Call our firm today at (479) 337-7077 for a risk-free consultation!

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