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Getting Your Vehicle Fixed: Property Damage Claims After An Accident

Getting Your Vehicle Fixed: Property Damage Claims After an Accident Lawyer, Springdale CityIn this article, you can discover

  • Limitations on the type of property damage included in a claim,
  • Whether to obtain multiple repair estimates after a car accident, and
  • Claiming compensation for a rental car.

Are There Any Limitations On The Type Of Property Damage That Can Be Included In A Claim To Fix My Vehicle?

As long as the damage is related to the car accident, it can be included in the claim. However, there might be limitations if the coverage is insufficient to cover the repairs. One specific type of damage to consider is diminished value, which refers to the decreased value of your car even after it’s been fixed.

If your vehicle’s value is diminished due to having been in an accident, it may be less valuable to potential buyers. Recovering compensation for this diminished value can be possible under the at-fault party’s insurance policy, but it may be excluded if you have to go through your own insurance company.

After A Car Accident, Should I Obtain Multiple Repair Estimates To Support My Property Damage Claim?

If the insurance adjuster recommends getting multiple repair estimates, it’s acceptable to do so. While it’s not necessary, providing the information the adjuster needs can help expedite the process of getting your car repaired.

Can I Claim Compensation For A Rental Car?

Insurance companies consider what they believe a jury would make them pay. Hiring an experienced trial lawyer who understands jury decisions is crucial. In Arkansas, our jury instructions state that when someone’s car is damaged, the defendant’s insurance company owes them the cost of repairs plus a reasonable amount for loss of use. Car rental expenses often fall under the category of loss of use, and you can claim compensation for out-of-pocket rental costs.

What Factors Are Considered When Determining The Reasonable Cost Of Property Damage Repairs?

The determination of the reasonable cost of property damage repairs depends on what the body shop submits to the insurance company. If you choose a reputable body shop that provides an estimate, taking your car there should generally avoid any problems.

Is There A Timeframe For Completing Property Damage Repairs In Relation To My Personal Injury Claim?

No, property damage repairs and personal injury claims are independent of each other. You can complete the property damage repairs and have your car returned to you before your bodily injury claim is settled. The only limitation to consider is the three-year statute of limitations that applies to both claims.

What Happens If The Insurance Company Disputes The Cost Of Property Damage Repairs?

Before going to court, we ask our clients to gather proof to support their claim. This includes obtaining a statement from a body shop stating that the repairs are necessary and reasonable, which contradicts the insurance company’s stance. If a lawsuit becomes necessary, we are prepared to go to court and have a jury decide what is reasonable. In some cases, the body shop can advocate on behalf of our clients against the insurance company.

Will My Personal Injury Attorney Help Me Get My Car Fixed While The Personal Injury Claim Is Ongoing?

One unique aspect of Mullins and Blake Attorneys is that we assist our clients with both their property damage and bodily injury claims. Unlike many other attorneys who only handle the bodily injury claim, we offer help with the property damage claim as well. This level of support aims to get our clients back on track and guide them through the entire claim process.

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