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What Are Some Red Flags I Should Be Looking For In The Insurance Company’s Doctor?

I don’t believe there is a situation in which you should ever see an insurance company’s doctor. You get to choose your own doctors or healthcare professionals you trust. The insurance company is there to minimize the value of your claim. So, any advice the insurance company gives you is usually to be viewed very skeptically. They have their own lawyers, and you deserve yours.

Do You Recommend That Clients Keep A Diary Or Journal Of Events To Document Their Treatment?

We don’t require clients to keep a diary of events. But again, any evidence that you have on your case that you can give to us makes your case stronger. So, some people choose to keep a diary of every detail they can think of pertaining to their accident and injury – anything that shows the impact of this wreck on their lives.

We read that, and we include that in your settlement demand package. It will be part of your trial testimony if your case goes to court. So, anything that you can write down will help your case.

Why Is It Critical To Follow Doctor’s Recommendations For My Personal Injury Claim?

When they get your records, the insurance company will go through it with a fine-tooth comb and try to find ways to discredit you. So, if your records show that you missed a bunch of appointments or you told the doctor that you didn’t want to follow their advice, and you thought you knew what was best, that’s going to make you look non-compliant. It will make it look like you are not taking your case seriously or want to get better. You have to remember that everything you are doing is being put in your records, and you want to present the best version of yourself. You want to make the insurance company, or if we go to trial, the jury, feel sympathetic for you, like you, and see that you are doing everything possible to get better and get through the injury that the wreck has caused you.

What Questions Should I Be Asking Personal Injury Attorneys That I May Want To Potentially Hire?

One of the most important questions to ask a potential attorney is if they focus on personal injury litigation and claims. Many attorneys will handle a personal injury claim, but they don’t do it regularly. They don’t understand how the process works, how to talk to an insurance company, how to negotiate, how the litigation process works if your case goes to trial. That’s the single most crucial question is. Ensure that you don’t pay them anything upfront. An attorney that handles personal injury cases understands that they get paid on a contingency fee.

Another vital thing is to make sure that you retain exclusive control over your case. Make sure that the attorney you want to hire isn’t going to force you to accept a settlement or move you to go to court in a lawsuit. When you hire us, our job is to advise you, fight for you, and then do what you tell us to do, whether it’s to accept a settlement offer in your case or go to trial. It’s your case, and we work for you. We don’t do anything without your authorization.

Can I Even Afford The Best Personal Injury Representation?

An excellent personal injury attorney will take your case on a contingency basis which means there is no fee if they don’t win your case. You will not be sent a surprise bill later down the road; you will not get billed periodically for hourly work. An excellent personal injury attorney almost exclusively focuses on personal injury; that’s all they do. They know how it works and that it’s a risk if we get paid on contingency, but a reasonable attorney is willing to take that risk and fight for you without any upfront fee.

What Can A Lawyer Do For Me That I Cannot Do For Myself In A Personal Injury Case?

I’ve had several wrecks myself, and I’ve always hired my law partner to represent me, and she has done the same thing. A lawyer can be your shield, your sword, and whatever needs to happen to get you out of the loop. They are not going to be as emotionally invested in the case as you are. Working on your claim is their job; it’s not their life. So, they can better represent you than if you were trying to make rash emotional decisions by yourself. We will not advise you to accept that first phone call offer from the insurance company for a couple of hundred bucks because your case is probably worth more than that. We’ll help you realize that and document your case. We know how to advocate for you.

We’ll ensure you are going to the right places that actually document your injuries. We have had some people who end up at places where the documentation isn’t very good for recovering their case. We also work immediately on building the claim in our office. We get police reports, medical records and make sure bills are being processed through health insurance all simultaneously while the client is still treating. So, by the time they are done treating, we’ve already built the whole claim and are ready to expedite it through to the insurance companies to see if we can get a favorable settlement that the client approves or not. The biggest tool that the lawyer has is the ability to file a lawsuit, and the insurance companies know that. They know that if they mistreat you and we are your attorney, we can sue, file a lawsuit, take them to court, and hold the other person responsible, and the insurance company will have to pay for that.

They will have to hire their lawyer to fight us, and the case will get a lot more expensive for them. We also know that the case law and the statutes governing what you can and cannot recover and what insurance companies can and cannot do. There are many moving pieces of the puzzle, and we know how to put those together and maximize the amount of money you get at the end of your case.

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