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Settlements In A Personal Injury Claim

Settlements In A Personal Injury Claim Lawyer, Springdale CityIn this article, you can discover:

  • How previous personal injury claims and pre existing health conditions can impact your personal injury settlement.
  • What to expect during a personal injury lawsuit and how to determine if your settlement is fair.
  • The timeline for receiving a settlement check after your personal injury lawsuit is settled.

Will Previous Personal Injury Claims Affect My Personal Injury Settlement?

Previous personal injury claims can both positively and negatively impact your settlement. A skilled personal injury attorney will work to show how old injuries may have worsened due to the new accident and limit evidence that could hurt your claim.

How Will Preexisting Health Conditions Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

Insurance adjusters may try to use preexisting conditions against you. A good personal injury attorney will fight to prevent this and may even argue that the accident worsened your preexisting condition to maximize your recovery.

Can The Insurance Company Investigate My Work And Medical History?

In most cases, the insurance company can investigate your work history and medical history, particularly if your case goes to trial. An experienced personal injury attorney will help limit the information the insurance company can access.

What Should I Expect During A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

During a personal injury lawsuit, you will need to answer interrogatories, attend a deposition, and communicate extensively with your attorney. A good personal injury attorney will guide and prepare you throughout the process.

Should I Settle My Personal Injury Case?

Most personal injury cases can be settled, and your attorney will help you weigh the risks and benefits of accepting an offer versus going to court. They can also advise you on whether an offer is fair based on what a jury might award.

How Do I Know If My Personal Injury Settlement Is Fair And Reasonable?

A skilled personal injury attorney will use their knowledge of your injuries, medical bills, records, lost wages, and future treatment to estimate a reasonable settlement range. They will advise you whether the insurance company’s offer falls within that range.

Is There A Limit To What A Jury Can Award For A Personal Injury Claim?

In Arkansas, there are no limits on what a jury can award for a personal injury claim, allowing an injured person to recover what the jury deems reasonable based on the evidence presented at trial.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Settlement Check After My Personal Injury Lawsuit Is Settled?

It typically takes no more than a week for the insurance company to send the settlement check to your personal injury attorney. Once the check clears their trust account, they can distribute the funds as directed by you.

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