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Understanding Motorcycle Accidents In Arkansas

A man lying on the ground next to a motorcycle involved in a motorcycle accident in Arkansas. - Mullins & Blake AttorneysCommon Questions And Misconceptions

When we meet a new potential client, we are often bombarded with questions about the claim process. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to address many of these questions here to empower people with the knowledge they’ll need to navigate their motorcycle accident case, providing clarity and guidance while saving them and their attorneys precious time.

Perhaps the most common concern people voice centers around who will be responsible for covering the hospital bills they’ve incurred as a result of the accident. Additionally, there is often uncertainty about whether they can receive compensation if they were not wearing a helmet. Similar to how you can collect compensation in a car accident even if you weren’t wearing a seatbelt, you can collect compensation if you weren’t wearing a helmet.

Others often ask about fault, specifically whether they can file a claim even if they suspect they are partially at fault. In these cases, we strongly recommend consulting an attorney to thoroughly investigate the circumstances and assess potential avenues for legal recourse. Seeking legal guidance can provide clarity and alleviate confusion, particularly during the recovery process when you may be grappling with the aftermath of the accident and its associated trauma.

The Severity Of Motorcycle Crashes In Arkansas

Motorcycle accidents are so often just so traumatic, you may not fully understand what’s going on. Rather than spend your precious mental and physical energy trying to put together the pieces, it’s just best to let an attorney sort things out for you than to try to sort it out yourself while you’re recovering.

Motorcycle accidents differ significantly from other types of crashes primarily due to the severity of injuries involved. Without the protection of a car, as would be the case if they were driving one, motorcycle riders are exposed to much more. This results in more severe and often gruesome injuries. Unlike car accidents, where the vehicle provides some level of protection, motorcycle accidents can lead to outright catastrophic outcomes.

In many cases, the at-fault party may only carry the minimum required insurance coverage. In these instances, we explore alternative avenues to ensure our clients receive adequate compensation for their damages. This may involve identifying additional insurance coverages that could apply or conducting an asset check on the at-fault individual to determine the best course of action for recovering damages caused by the accident.

A Key To Your Attorney’s Success: Having A Solid Working Knowledge Of How Motorcycles Work

In motorcycle accident injury cases, just like in any other type of case you may find yourself involved in, it’s critical you hire an attorney who has a thorough understanding of the area they’re interacting with. This means knowing how motorcycles operate and are ridden, as well as a sense of the subculture that exists around them.

As a motorcycle rider myself, I can empathize with your experience and have a much better likelihood of understanding how the accident unfolded based on your description than an attorney who doesn’t have this level of first-hand knowledge. I’ll also be much more likely to understand any motorcycle-specific terminology you may use to describe the incident. This personal insight means our firm is better equipped to connect with you on a deeper level and truly grasp the challenges you are facing in the wake of a motorcycle accident.

It’s essential to have attorneys who are skilled in evaluating the medical treatment required for future care. Many motorcycle accident victims suffer severe injuries that require ongoing medical attention for years to come. This may include multiple surgeries, extensive physical therapy, injections, or even the need for prosthetics.

When we step in and take on a case, our role becomes assessing any future medical needs you’ll have and mapping out a plan to ensure you are adequately compensated for any significant changes to your daily life that come as a result of your accident. This encompasses not only medical expenses but also the impact on the quality of life and ability to perform activities you once enjoyed. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your life affected by the negligence of another party is justly and fully compensated.

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