After a Car Accident, Can I Talk to the Insurance Company?

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Following a car accident, you will want your life to go back to normal. However, from dealing with the damage to your vehicle to possible medical issues sustained from the crash, this often is a longer process than you’d like. An auto accident may leave you missing work while dealing with injuries. This is money out of your pocket. After a crash, you’ll contact the police, seek medical attention when necessary, and eventually contact the insurance provider to let them know about the accident. That is precisely why, before you sign any documentation with the insurance company, you should contact the legal team at Mullins & Blake first.

Insurance Companies Are a Business

Having insurance is important. It protects you in some ways and makes it easier to pay for the standard auto damage. However, an insurance company is also a business. It will do what it can to save money, even if your vehicle is totaled and you’re left injured, away from work. Following the auto accident, the insurance company may attempt to pinch pennies and reduce what is rightfully owed to you. It may try to lower the value of your vehicle, or it may not give you the amount of money you need to replace the car you had damaged.

You didn’t ask to be involved in the accident. As the name suggests, accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you should experience a reduction in your quality of life because of the fault of another. When another driver is at fault, it is their responsibility to take care of your expenses. When you pay for insurance coverage, it is the insurance company’s responsibility to help you to the greatest extent of your policy, because now is when you need the insurance provider the most. Despite all of this, often the driver at fault and your insurance provider will attempt to avoid reimbursing your expenses following a car accident.

Instead of settling for less than you deserve, you need to contact Mullins & Blake.

Never Sign Anything Until You Talk With An Attorney

Whether you sign with Mullins & Blake or you go with another car accident attorney, never sign anything given to you until you discuss the matter with your legal team. Your insurance company will try to portray that they are on your side. The offered money may even sound good initially, but the insurance company knows if you have been injured your medical expenses will continue long after you have recovered. There are routine visits to the doctor to make sure you’re staying along with your rehabilitation. There are often unexpected medical bills, and there are the other bills that pile up due to the time away from work. While you can talk with your insurance provider, never agree to anything until the team at Mullins & Blake takes a look at the documentation.

Protecting Your Rights

The legal team at Mullins & Blake only takes on cases for drivers who were not at fault in the accident. They want to do everything the law allows to ensure you receive the compensation for your medical expenses, vehicle, time away from work, and pain and suffering that you deserve. So before you sign any documents given to you, make sure to contact Mullins & Blake today.

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