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Arkansas Motorcycle Culture: From Festivals To Safety

Motorcyclists riding in formation on a busy urban road - Mullins & Blake AttorneysBikes, Blues, And BBQs In Arkansas

The Bikes, Blues, and BBQs motorcycle rally, held annually in September in Rogers, Arkansas, is a massive event that has been going on for over 20 years. Initially starting in Fayetteville before moving to Rogers, with some events also taking place in neighboring Eureka Springs, it has grown into one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the United States, second only to Sturgis, according to some.

During the rally, motorcycle enthusiasts from all over gather to enjoy an array of activities, including live music, vendors selling motorcycle gear, apparel, and souvenirs, as well as plenty of food and drink with special deals offered by local bars and restaurants. The event typically draws nearly a hundred thousand people to the area, transforming the metro area into a hub of motorcycle activity.

As fun as this rally is, the increased presence of motorcycles also raises safety concerns. With so many motorcycles on the roads, there’s a higher risk of accidents, especially since many locals aren’t terribly accustomed to sharing the road with such large numbers of bikers. Visibility and traffic issues can contribute to accidents, posing a danger to both motorcyclists and drivers.

Despite the risks, Bikes, Blues, and BBQs in Arkansas remains an event largely enjoyed by the local Rogers community, as well as the larger motorcycle community. As a nonprofit rally, it also supports women, children, and underserved members of the Northwest Arkansas community. Many attendees come not only for the thrill of the rally but also to contribute to financially support this effort.

Arkansas Motorcycle Accidents

Not everything is necessarily fine and dandy, though. Specific statistics of accidents for Bikes, Blues, and BBQs may not be readily available, but there are several anecdotal accounts that suggest a notable increase in injuries and accidents during the event. It was canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic due to concerns about overwhelming local emergency rooms with both COVID-19 patients and motorcycle accident victims. That’s how serious things have gotten in the past.

As popular as this motorcycle rally may be, there are plenty of people who ride motorcycles across Arkansas year-round because of the state’s natural beauty and many connecting highways. As is the case with those who attend the rally, motorcycle riders in Arkansas range in their riding level. Some on the road aren’t very experienced, and those people are more likely to be involved in an accident due to their lack of confidence, skill at navigating the roads, and traffic conditions at the time. These accidents are tragic, with those involved generally suffering much more than a typical car accident.

I know this not only because I serve as a personal injury attorney who handles motorcycle accident cases but because I am a motorcyclist myself. I have been riding since I was six years old, meaning I have over 30 years of motorcycle riding experience under my belt. My grandfather rode, as did my father, so I stand on an 80-year legacy of motorcycle riding.

I’ve taken the Motorcycle Safety Education course and learned how to be a more defensive rider. This empowered me to avoid getting in people’s blind spots and has affected how I drive. I’ve noticed that, as a car driver, I am far more likely to drive safely around motorcyclists because I know practical ways to respect their rights to exist on the road than I would have before. The content taught in this course is key to helping others improve in the same ways and creating safer roads across Arkansas, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Guiding Clients After A Motorcycle Wreck In Arkansas

But even if every single motorcyclist were to take this course, there would still be accidents. That’s when I put on my personal injury attorney cap and help clients in that context. I have been serving as one for years, meaning I have refined my process so it’s incredibly efficient and effective. That’s not to say I adopt a cookie-cutter approach for all of my cases, though. Motorcycle accidents are typically very traumatic and can even be catastrophic. Part of the reason this is the case is because Arkansas doesn’t have any laws that mandate riders to wear a helmet.

To kick off the process, the first thing we do at my firm is make sure our client gets the medical care they need. Nothing is more important than your physical safety and well-being. This entails ensuring they’re not going to be taken advantage of by the insurance company while they’re incapacitated in the hospital. We are happy to serve them by acting as their shield for them while they treat and recover from their traumatic injuries. This means they don’t have to deal with any insurance adjusters or investigators trying to get their side of the story; translation: craft a narrative that discredits how the accident happened.

Unlike regular car accident cases, motorcycle accident cases often shift the focus more towards the extent of the injuries rather than on determining liability. Juries tend to exhibit a heightened sense of sympathy towards those who have suffered severe injuries in these accidents. Consequently, the emphasis lies on demonstrating the extent of the damages incurred rather than extensively debating fault.

On top of this, fault is typically more readily accepted in motorcycle cases, possibly due to the inherent risks associated with riding a motorcycle and the general understanding that accidents can occur even without clear negligence on the part of the rider. As a result, the central aspect of these cases revolves around the severity of the injuries and the impact they have had on the victim’s life.

Our firm has extensive experience advocating for countless victims of motorcycle accidents. We’ve successfully assisted people who have sustained severe injuries in these incidents in obtaining compensation from the responsible party. Unlike other types of accidents, motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injuries due to the lack of protective gear such as helmets, seatbelts, or airbags, as well as the absence of a substantial metal frame.

Through our representation, we’ve helped many clients recover compensation for various damages, including medical expenses, future medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our goal is to ensure that victims receive the financial support they need to recover and move forward with their lives following such devastating accidents.

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