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 In Victims of Car Accidents
When you are looking for an attorney to represent you, think knowledge and experience. Mullins & Blake is a law firm located in Arkansas well known for representing victims of car accidents and property damage. With years of experience, the firm focuses on restoring their client’s life as it was before the incident. Our resources and efforts are only used for victims of the accident. So then, why should you choose us for your car wreck case?

We Help You Understand Your Rights

It is important that you understand the situation at hand. So many details are considered during a car accident. Such details include; who was at fault, if you got injured and if your vehicle was damaged. From this report, we will inform you of all your rights which will include:

  1. Rights to medical attention until you fully recover if you got injured.
  2. Rights to a substitute car from the insurance until your case is settled.
  3. Right to car compensation with the current market value of your damaged car.
  4. Right to monetary compensation to cover damages and suffering.

Before you are fully compensated by the insurance company of the driver at fault, Mullins & Blake ensures that your daily routine is not upset. By getting you a substitute car, you are able to continue running errands as usual as the firm sorts your case. Once you understand your rights, you can relax knowing that your attorneys will get your life back in order.

We Negotiate With the Insurance on Your Behalf

It is important to allow us – your attorneys- to handle all dealings with the insurance company. This is because, when Mullins & Blake handles all correspondences and agreements, we do it legally. Meaning, we avoid hearsay, agreements by word of mouth and tricks that insurance companies might play on you. Let’s face it; no insurance company compensates clients without a fight. Also, this means that if they refuse to offer compensation, we will be able to file a lawsuit against them and fight in court until we win for you.

We believe in helping local people like you, and that is why our payment terms are simple and favorable to all our clients. We never bill you upfront or directly, our fee is a percentage of your recovery amount paid by the insurance. This means you do not need to worry about affording our services. In case we do not win the case in court, we will not charge you for the services rendered. Mullins & Blake has one priority in mind – our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation and allow us to restore your life to how it was.

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