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When seeking a personal injury attorney, you want to find someone you trust. Prior to hiring a lawyer, do your homework. You want to ensure you’re getting the best representation for your money. The most important factor is the legal team’s reputation, based on its track record and client feedback. Here are keys to make sure you hire the most appropriate legal team:

Know What You’re Paying For (No-Win No-Fee)

Hiring a lawyer is a serious decision, and it’s imperative that you make sure you are getting the best deal. Many lawyers charge by the hour, which means they get paid regardless of the outcome of your case.

Mullins and Blake Attorneys give Arkansas personal injury clients a break by not charging upfront fees. At Mullins and Blake, we only charge if we deliver winning results. This approach to paying only if you win shows Mullins and Blake is committed to winning the cases we’ve chosen to accept.

Questions for a Personal Injury Lawyer

One of your top concerns should be how often the law firm you’re considering has won cases similar to yours. It’s critical that the firm has practiced law in the same area as your case. The firm’s website should indicate how long they’ve been in business and the types of cases they practice. The attorneys should be experienced, knowledgeable personal injury attorneys.  At Mullins and Blake, our lawyers focus on personal injury cases and provide personalized attention for every client.

Questions you should ask an attorney when deciding who to hire for your personal injury case include:

  1. Do you charge to help me with property damage in addition to my injury claim? (Mullins and Blake will help with property damage for no extra cost!)
  2. Will you help me get any additional insurance benefits from my own personal insurance?
  3. Will you help me get a rental car?
  4. What kind of benefits can you help me receive for the losses I am suffering, such as lost work and future medical expenses?
  5. What happens if we lose?

You Need Mullins and Blake

Finding the right personal injury attorney is crucial to winning your case and getting the compensation you deserve from an accident. Not only do you need someone who is knowledgeable about the law and skillful at presenting arguments, you need a lawyer with integrity; and one who works for you and doesn’t get paid unless you get paid.

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